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You’ve unlocked a new level of Cabernet

A wine with depth, structure, and brooding aromas of black currant, bell pepper, and dark spices is waiting…whenever you’re ready.  Aldino is made from 100% Cabernet Sauvignon in Portugal—a place that makes such a unique Cabernet, you might want to invent a new name for it entirely.  Aldino is both restrained and spicy, not giving it all away at once. One thing is for sure: this is a red wine unlike any other you’ve come across. Open it with someone who loves dry wine and pleasant surprises.


Fine wine on Portuguese time


Portugal is the wine world’s best-kept secret - we won’t tell if you don’t. The winemaking tradition here is unlike any other, and the native grapes can’t be found anywhere else in the world. Still, common ground can be found in the famous Cabernet Sauvignon vines of this sunny, colorful country, a heaven on earth for wine and food lovers alike.

How to pair Aldino with food

Aldino is a wine with balance and depth, so you’ll want to pair it with meals that carry an equal weight of power and flavor. Try it with dishes that build on flavor like paella or beef stew. Or you can keep it simple (and equally satisfying) by pairing it with bratwurst or tempeh tacos. Whatever you do, be sure to make room - Aldino makes dinnertime a whole event.


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