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Beacon Reserve to sweeten the mood

The best glass of wine gives you a chance to decompress at the end of a long day. Work, family, and the to-do list can all wait—take your moment, you deserve this. Beacon Reserve is a powerful, jammy red blend with notes of plum sauce, ripe strawberry, and mocha balanced by sweetness. You might find yourself feeling a little lighter and a little sweeter after a glass. Be sure to pair it with your favorite playlist, a bubble bath, and a box of chocolates.


Small country, big wines


Beacon Reserve is made in Portugal, perhaps the most famed place for making sweet red wines. Along the Duoro River, which winds its way through one of the most beautiful valleys in the world, lined with grapevines clinging to their respective hillsides, the most famous grapes in Portugal humbly ripen in the sun. Our winemakers pick them with care (and even more careful footing) and blend them together to make sweet wines like Beacon Reserve.

How to pair Beacon Reserve with food

Beacon Reserve is sweet, fruity, and endlessly smooth—it’s perfectly balanced to go with food. You can pair it with a salad with citrus dressing, or protein cooked with a touch of sweetness. Think of honey-glazed pork, sweet potato bake, watermelon salad with feta, or apricot-glazed bacon. Yum!


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