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Best paired with dancing shoes

Sparkling wine is a wine that dances in the glass. And if you want a wine that gets you in the mood to cut a rug, Cavory is the perfect wine for you. Grab your favorite dance partner and turn on Spotify, but first have a humming glass of Blanc de Blancs Brut from France. Cavory is an exciting balance of refreshment and ripe fruit with a golden color and lively apricot, apple, cream, and a dry finish.


Made in France, where sparkling wine found fame


Sparkling wine wasn’t always as famous as it is now. Originating in 17th century France, winemakers first considered a carbonated wine to be a flawed one. Some of them tried to whisk the bubbles out as rumors of the wines being haunted by ghosts spread (literally) through the grapevine. But eventually, people grew to love that fierce sparkle that we now use to toast our most memorable moments. It became the wine of kings, and today, it’s the best thing to open on the holidays. Cavory is made in this traditional style, but luckily, not reserved only for kings anymore.

What to eat with Cavory

A little bubbly can make a simple ingredient sing louder, and the fine bubbles of Cavory are no exception. This is the perfect wine for raw seafood, your favorite farmers' market finds, and tapas. Our winemaker favorites include seared sesame tuna, heirloom tomato galette, croquettes, and garlic shrimp.


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