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Pink bubbles. Period.

End of sentence, full stop; there’s nothing in this world that does it quite like a glass of sparkling brut rosé. Lightly aromatic with violets, firm raspberries, and salmon berries, racing with fresh acidity, and sparkling until the cows come home, Flourishes is a wine lover's dream. Enjoy it as the sun sets while you wait for that one friend who’s always fifteen minutes late to arrive — consider this your deep pause, a moment of serenity before it’s time to hit the town. 


In France, sparkling wine is for kings


Sparkling wine wasn’t always as famous as it is now. Originating in 17th century France, winemakers first considered a carbonated wine to be a flawed one. Some of them tried to whisk the bubbles out as rumors of the wines being haunted by ghosts spread (literally) through the grapevine. But eventually, people grew to love that fierce sparkle that we now use to toast our most memorable moments. It became the wine of kings, and today, it’s the best thing to open on the holidays. Flourishes is made in this traditional style, but luckily, not reserved only for kings anymore.

Have a snack with Flourishes

Flourishes is a dry, sparkling rosé and that makes it the perfect drink for snacks, salads, and even fancy appetizers. The carbonation in sparkling wine makes it a traditional aperitif to support the digestive system before your bigger meals. So have it with a simple salad, cranberry brie bites, kettle chips, or fondue.


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