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What sweet got to do with it?


Everyone loves a balanced red wine, and a touch of sweetness adds just that: balance. Giottos is a bottle of crowd-pleasing red wine with tart cherry and strawberry fruit, vanilla, and a dust of cocoa. This is a bottle for every occasion: appetizers, dinner, make it the entire dessert if you want! Open this with spicier dishes for a little balance or sweeter dishes for emphasis.


Here’s a secret tip: stick Giottos in the fridge for twenty minutes to give it a little extra punch.


Sweet wine and Italy have history


Think you’re the only one who loves sweet wine? Think again. Throughout ancient history and the Middle Ages, almost all of the wines of Italy were made with a little bit o’ sugar left over. Yes, the kings and queens of yesteryear loved their wine sweet; in fact, dry wine is a relatively new “fad” in wine, starting around the 1950s. Giottos is a quintessential Italian blend, made the old-fashioned way.

Giottos goes with food. Period.

The beauty of Giottos is that you don’t have to drive yourself crazy figuring out what dish to pair it with. This easygoing wine goes with…everything! Have it with Thai curry, ice cream, or both. Have a frozen pizza? That’s perfect. But if you want to save it for a fancy holiday dinner, Giottos will stand out there too. Leave it up to fate and see what happens, we dare ya.


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