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Misuto is a most dramatic affair

Powerful, structured, jammy, and spicy, Misuto is a punch in the face for your friend who can’t get a bold enough red wine. Made from Cabernet Sauvignon, this daring red sets the stage with wild strawberry, cherry, and barnyard, then brings a full-bodied texture laden with warming spices, and vanilla bean. This wine is a main event, so be sure to roll out the red carpet, invite your most dramatic friends, and have your ooohs and ahhs ready on hand. She will appreciate the attention.


Bringing Cabernet to new heights


Why does Cabernet Sauvignon from Spain taste like its own category of wine? It’s all in the altitude, baby. Spain is mountainous (capital M) and sometimes the grapevines touch the clouds. At higher elevations, the sun is closer and brighter, giving the grapes deeper color and bigger flavors. Then, at night, the cold rolls in and this slows down ripening, allowing Cabernet grapes to retain their acidity all summer long.

From the land of tapas (hint, hint)

Like you needed a reason to have tapas for dinner, consider Misuto your excuse to turn snack time into a full-fledged meal with friends and family. Be sure to incorporate classic dishes as well as new, creative ideas; this will become an experience of discovery if you let it. Try our winemaker favorites like papas bravas, Jamón, or albondigas en salsa. And don’t forget to put some Manchego out!


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