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Easy to drink, hard to forget

What’s better than a bold red wine with depth? A bold red wine with depth followed by a beautiful sweet note. One that reminds you of blackberry pie, dried figs, and raspberry compote. Moore Cellars is a red blend made to lure the sugar out of fruit and make it the star of the show in this semi-sweet, fruity wine. Have it with holiday dinner to sweeten the experience of the food you bring to the table.


Blending the rules in France

Moore Cellars is from the wine region where blends are basically a religion: France. For thousands of years, winemakers in France have developed unique blends that tell a story of style as much as they do preference. Carefully choosing the grapes to bring structure and drama, then the grapes known for softening is an art that winemakers take great pride in France. Moore Cellars is a result of this playful, yet serious tradition of blending grapes to make wines that are representational of the specific regions they come from.

Sweeten the pot, and bring food

There’s a magical element to food and wine pairing, isn’t there? Moore Cellars won’t disappoint, and we recommend pairing it with dinners where you have an abundance of flavors and textures on your table. Try maple-glazed ham, green beans, pigs in a blanket, or chocolate-covered strawberries. You’ll have a new experience each time you try this wine with food.


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