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For your everyday bubbly needs

If you agree, unabashedly, that sparkling wine should not be reserved for special occasions, but instead opened whenever and wherever, then Mova was made to fit perfectly in your hand (and your heart). You’re not alone in your sparkling crusade: bubbly is the perfect, light elixir to accentuate any moment—even the most ordinary. Mova is a sparkling wine made with natural grapefruit flavor to give it drinkability that makes sense on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday…you get the point.


With tart grapefruit and brioche, high acidity, and fine bubbles, this is the most crushable sparkling wine you’ll ever meet.


How the French made sparkling wine a thing


Sparkling wine wasn’t always as famous as it was. Originating in 17th century France, winemakers first viewed carbonated wine as tainted. Some of them tried to whisk the bubbles out as rumors of the wines being haunted spread (literally) through the grapevine. But eventually, people grew to love that fierce sparkle that we now use to toast our most special moments. It became the wine of kings, and today, it’s the best thing to open on the holidays. Mova is made in this traditional style, but luckily, not reserved only for kings anymore.

Breakfast foods encouraged

Are you a breakfast-for-dinner kind of person? We think you and Mova will get along great. With a punchy grapefruit profile, this sparkling wine will refresh you alongside your most indulgent breakfast foods. Try it with chicken and waffles, french toast, eggs benedict, or chocolate chip flap jacks.


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