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Peacefully sweet red blend

Three Tides is a whole moment: the taste of sweet wild berries, strawberries, and sour cherry are tied together by a quiet black tea finish. Smooth, easy on the soul, and destined for light-hearted conversation over a plate piled with cheese. Three Tides is a blend of Spanish grapes, ripened in the hot sun on rocky soils, balanced with a touch of sweetness to give it that ease that you love. We recommend following your glass with a long siesta.


From Spain, the country with the most grapes


Spain takes the title for the most land planted to grape vines in the entire world…they really love their wine. So do you, and that’s why you and Three Tides are destined for each other. Have a sip of this red blend to get a sense of the place it comes from. Spain is incredibly mountainous, and the climate in some places is so harsh that not much can else grow. Yet, the grapes thrive here, developing freshness and jammy, sweet fruit.

Sweet and spice makes everything nice

The sweetness of Three Tides is a superpower that not all wines have. A touch of sweetness does more than satisfy your sweet tooth, it tempers heat and spice. Try it with Spanish rice, pimientos, Nashville hot chicken, or jerk salmon. Who would have thought that a sweet wine could save your burning tongue?


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