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Merlot makes life uncomplicated


The French know what the rest of the world doesn’t: that Merlot makes the most approachable, fruity, delicious wine in town. Merlot is a grape-made-in-heaven if you’re a no-frills, just give me my wine and make it snappy kind of wine drinker. We get it; you’re busy and you don’t want to add extra fuss. If anything, wine is supposed to be a fuss-remover, right?


Tree Top Hill is just that—get ready for the most relaxed glass of wine you’ve ever had. Fruity, smooth, easy, and ripe with cherry, plum, and chocolate aromas, this is a dry red wine for the simplest of times.


The things Merlot has seen


Merlot is only the second most planted grape in the entire world…but who’s counting? We think that’s pretty impressive and in honor of this amazing feat, we’ve sourced grapes from Merlot’s native country: France. A descendant of Cabernet Franc, Merlot has been around for as long as French wine has—that’s a long time. This mellow grape has survived war, famine, and even the jeans-under-dresses trend. We’re impressed.

Is anyone else hungry?

Are you thinking what we’re thinking? Beef short rib? If you weren’t, maybe sit with that thought a bit—Tree Top Hill will make sure you won’t regret it. Not feeling all the effort that takes? Try this easy-going bottle with barbecue chicken pizza (order in), mushroom pasta, or your best-aged cheddar with whatever crackers you have on hand.


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