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Is your glass half empty or half sweet?

Unoble is an invitation to look on the brighter side of life. Find the sweet spot, keep it moving, and don’t let negativity get you down for too long. A seductive bouquet of honey and cooked apple is followed by a silky mouthfeel and fine bubbles to refresh on the finish. It’s the kind of glass that will relax your shoulders, unfurrow your brow, and remind you that life is playful and delicately sweet. Sometimes, you just need a sip of wine to remind you.


Comes from France, goes down easy


Sparkling wine wasn’t always as famous as it is now. Originating in 17th century France, winemakers first considered a carbonated wine to be a flawed one. Some of them tried to whisk the bubbles out as rumors of the wines being haunted by ghosts spread (literally) through the grapevine. But eventually, people grew to love that fierce sparkle that we now use to toast our most memorable moments. It became the wine of kings, and today, it’s the best thing to open on the holidays. Unoble is made in this traditional style, but luckily, not reserved only for kings anymore.

Sparkling wine and food pairing rules

Some ground rules when it comes to pairing sparkling wine with the right food: first, the acidity will cut creamy, fatty foods. Next, the bubbles will make greasy foods digestible. Third, seafood will never fail you. Some of our favorite foods to eat with Unoble are oysters, baked brie, mushroom ravioli, and parmesan fries.


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