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If it walks like a Cab, talks like a Cab…

Rich, impressionable, and bursting with cherry, currant, and cedar, Vinelife is the Cabernet Sauvignon that will have you thinking about it for days. Classically made with longstanding winemaking traditions in the hills of Bulgaria, this bottle is a masterful balance of fruity and savory that ends in an enthusiastic applause of cedar and anise. Think of these flavors as the outro to a very, very great sip of wine. Side effects might include: time stopping, involuntary smiling, and wanting more wine.


Wine as old as time


For over three thousand years, Bulgaria has been making great wine. Okay—the Ottoman Empire put a slight 500-year damper on this track record, but the winemakers here in Bulgaria mean business. In fact, the Romans started a rumor that the first ever European winemaker lived here in the Thracian Valley. Hard to fact-check them, but we can say with confidence that these winemakers know their land and their native grapes. Most importantly, they know exactly what to do with classic beauties like Cabernet Sauvignon.

Balance sweet and savory

So what kind of food do you pair with Bulgarian Cabernet Sauvignon? You can go for the classics like steak and burgers, or you can think about your favorite dishes that balance sweet and savory. Try a fig and prosciutto flatbread (don’t forget the goat cheese, whatever you do) or those chocolate-covered pretzels in the checkout aisle. 


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